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Good old VAZ-2121 is updated and expands its lineup

The new LADA 4 × 4 (VAZ-21213) in the people of Taiga is a three-door, five-seater SUV. As for an SUV, LADA 4×4 will cost its owner cheaply. Even against the backdrop of modern SUVs equipped with the latest technology, the Russian VAZ, with 25 years of experience, does not look like an «old man», and on the roads it will give many a head start.

Its dimensions are 3,720 m / 1,640 m / 1,500 m (length, width, height, respectively), the length of the wheelbase is 2,200 m. Externally, LADA 4 × 4 after modernization looks more aggressive due to the installed reinforced grille in front of the bumper and radiator with additional spotlights, thresholds and a spare wheel placed on the back door. Because of the wheel, the number of the car is practically invisible at the rear. But the large rear window provides a good view back.

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Passengers can enter the rear row of seats through the front door and pushing the front seat forward. But too much space in the cabin is occupied by wheel arches covered with armrests, which is why only 2 passengers can fully fit in the back row. There is not much space for placing legs, so the front seats should not be pushed back much. The ceiling in the cabin is low, so people with a height of more than 185 cm will feel discomfort. The luggage compartment is 490 liters, but if you fold the rear seats, you can increase the space for luggage up to 750 liters.

Under the hood, Taiga has a 1.69 liter engine with a 79 liter carburetor. with. and a maximum torque of 127 Nm. There is a mechanical 5-speed gearbox. At VAZ-21213 the ground clearance is 220 mm, 16-inch wheels and studded tires are provided. The car is equipped with all-wheel drive and a center differential lock.

Strength and maneuverability VAZ-21213 does not take. This is a time-tested combat vehicle.

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