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Bodybuilding: Hormones to Activate to Gain Muscle

Everyone asks a lot of questions about what to do to get hypertrophic muscle and get a more athletic and balanced body, and there are a series of hormones that, depending on their levels, give the body a series of signals for it to gain muscle. or break it down to use it for energy. Today deca durabolin comprime we are going to talk about the hormones that must be activated to gain muscle.

The way to activate these hormones to gain muscle is very simple: carry out a weight routine that stimulates our body properly, eat a balanced diet with good amounts of protein and rest. Mastering these three factors we have won 80% of the battle, the remaining 20% ​​we leave to genetics (in some cases it may be more).

The hormones that help us

There are two hormones that we must try to activate to the limit, when our objective is to gain the maximum amount of muscle possible, by means of different ways (do not think about the illegal ways because from Vitónica we will never recommend taking the step towards the «dark side») . These two hormones are:

Growth hormone: it is an ideal hormone to gain muscle and at the same time to burn fat at the same time. The way to activate it to the maximum is with an intense training of the whole body, but above all with a strict rest in bed, sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day.

The best training to activate growth hormone is undoubtedly high intensity training (HIT), and not to perform cardio or, as many do high-intensity running series for short periods of time to stimulate the muscle (what is known as sprint).

Testosterone: undoubtedly the queen when it comes to gaining muscle. The first thing to keep in mind is not to have a daily caloric deficit, that is, to eat enough, since otherwise the testosterone levels are reduced a lot and it would not do its natural anabolic function.

One very important thing is to forget about alcohol completely since ingesting alcohol will make testosterone levels plummet, so control your intake as much as possible, if you want to do things well you should not take a drop, and in case of A forced celebration, opt for beer and never more than a beer.

In addition, the diet must follow a very varied diet and contain at least 20% fat to be unsaturated since fat raises testosterone levels. So forget about those low carb and fat diets when it comes to gaining muscle.

The Wild Hormone

Insulin: it is a hormone that depending on its levels can help us to stimulate muscle gain since it serves as a transport for amino acids to the muscles, but it must also be controlled, since in turn it causes the storage of glycogen in fat form

Ideally, to maintain stable insulin levels is to eat every three hours, not copious meals, and to control the intake of simple carbohydrates, since these cause a spike in blood glucose that is offset by high insulin segregation by of the pancreas.

Hormones to control

Instead we must have as much control as possible to two other hormones that can make our results are not as effective as we want, they may even make us lose the muscle that we have gained with so much effort with hard training, diet and rest :

Estrogen: This hormone lowers testosterone levels (that’s why women can’t build muscle as much). To keep it at bay you must lower your body fat index since this will decrease estrogen levels and you will consequently increase testosterone levels.

Cortisol: although it is necessary, it is necessary to try that its levels are low since cortisol destroys the muscular tissue. A good way to do this is by taking Omega 3 oils (fish oils), in addition to improving the sensitivity of the muscles to insulin to better absorb amino acids.

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